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⦁ Guidelines on Occupational Health Services 2005
⦁ Part-Time OHD – recommended for workplaces with 50-1,000 workers
⦁ Full-Time OHD – recommended for workplaces with > 1,000 workers
⦁ OHD registered by DOSH
⦁ Periodical OH inspection at the workplace
⦁ Assess the risk and recommend opportunity for improvement action at the inspected work area to employees and employer
⦁ Meet, review and consult employees with OH / potential OH issues
⦁ Assist the employer in the investigation of work-related OH cases
⦁ Report occupational poisoning and disease cases to DOSH as per NADOPOD 2004 requirement
⦁ Meet with the Site Safety & Health Committee or Management Team to review OH performance, recommend improvement action and advise in the planning and implementation of OH promotional programs including health surveillance, health fitness / promotion, training and PPE selection
⦁ SOCSO Claims Management

⦁ Provision of Guidelines On Ergonomics Risk Assessment At Workplace 2017
⦁ Initial ERA or Advanced ERA
⦁ Manual Handling
⦁ Occupational Vibration
⦁ Seating at Work
⦁ Standing at Work
⦁ Working with Video Display Unit (VDU’s)
⦁ Musculoskeletal Assessment
⦁ Awkward posture
⦁ Static and Sustained Work Posture
⦁ Forceful Exertion
⦁ Repetitive Motion
⦁ Hands-arm and whole body vibration
⦁ Environmental Risk Factors
⦁ Hierarchy of Control Based on Ergonomics Approach
⦁ Assessment Report

⦁ Chemical Health Hazard
⦁ Ergonomic Awareness
⦁ First Aid Training
⦁ Hearing Conservation Program
⦁ HELP (Health & Energetic Lifestyle Program)
⦁ Lung Function Testing & Analysis
⦁ Occupational Health Awareness
⦁ Occupational Health Management
⦁ Occupational Health Case Managements
⦁ Occupational Health Doctor Visit & Consultancy
⦁ Stress at work
⦁ Quit Smoking
⦁ Many other OHS training & consultancy modules

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